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360 Inspection Services is an independent, locally owned business providing high-quality residential inspections. By hiring us, you’re getting a thorough, objective, and impartial inspection that adheres to the Standards of Practice and the Code of Ethics set by the North Carolina Home Inspector Licensure Board. We will report on exactly what we see without raising alarms over minor items or glossing over major defects that can lead to expensive repairs or compromise the safety of you and your family. Context is everything.

To ensure that our clients are provided with the  care and focus they deserve during our inspection, we limit our number of inspections per day. Great home inspections take time, focus, and attention to detail. We allot ample time to methodically inspect your home, review our findings with you, and answer each and every question that you have. Over-scheduling leads to rushed inspections and limited time to educate our clients in the name of making it to the next appointment, which is a disservice to everyone involved. Your inspection is our most important inspection.

Strong communities don’t just happen, they are built by the individuals that live and work within them. As a way of saying thank you to the community builders that educate us and keep our communities safe, I am proud to offer discounts to teachers, first responders, and active or retired military members. Please reach out to us to learn more.

Brad Williams owner of 360 Inspection Services

Brad Williams, owner of 360 Inspection Services.
NC Home Inspector License: 4589

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A portion of every inspection fee will be donated to The Libby and Lucy Overmann Fund to Support Prematurity. The Libby and Lucy Overman Fund to Support Prematurity provides support to pregnant mothers at high risk for preterm birth, assists families who have recently delivered a premature baby or babies, and works to advance preterm birth research. For more information on this charitable endeavor, click here.