Home Inspections in Durham, NC

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Enjoy your home to its full potential by knowing the true condition it is in and of any potential issues it may have with a certified home inspection. 360 Home Inspections proudly offers complete home inspections to the Durham, NC area. Our residential inspections cover all areas of a home to ensure it is safe and structurally sound, which means it is great for both individuals who are looking to buy a home and those who simply want to know the status of the home they currently own. Not only do I offer holistic home inspections, I also help keep you safe with home radon tests and your home in its best shape with termite inspections. No matter your home’s age or condition, a thorough inspection from the best inspectors is necessary with 360 Home Inspections.

Home Inspection

Providing honest and accurate reports is the driving force behind our home inspections. We want homeowners all throughout the Durham, NC area to love their homes, which is why our home inspectors provide thorough and detailed inspections. Our home inspections cover all areas of the home including exterior areas like roofing and siding, as well as general interior areas and hard-to-see ones like electrical wiring and structure. This comprehensive inspection report allows our home inspectors to locate any issues your home may have, while the report you will receive details every area’s strength and weakness, as well as recommendations on timelines and contractors for fixing any areas requiring attention. For a home inspection you can trust, call our team today.

11 Month Warranty Inspection

New homes should be in great condition and provide you no issues for many years to come. However, this is often not the case and can end up costing you thousands of dollars in repairs. Take full advantage of your new home’s one-year builder’s warranty with an 11-month warranty inspection from our team of professionals in Durham, NC and surrounding areas. Like all our home inspections, I will look for any issues that you may have to repair soon. And as experienced inspectors, I know common issues in new homes to be particularly aware of. With an 11-month warranty report from 360 Inspection Services, you will be ready to provide specific repair needs to your builder, saving you thousands in out-of-pocket maintenance. Schedule your appointment today before your one-year warranty expires.

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