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11-Month Warranty Inspections

Take full advantage of your builder’s warranty

Take advantage of your Builder's Warranty!

You’ve worked hard to be able to buy a newly home and I hope you will spend many years making wonderful memories there. As you approach the one-year anniversary of the completion of your home, you still have time to identify any issues with your home and present them to your builder for repair under the terms of their one-year workmanship warranty.  By presenting your inspection findings to your builder before the end of your warranty period, your builder can then make repairs at their cost, not yours.

What is an 11-Month Warranty Inspection?

Your builder likely provided you with a one-year workmanship warranty with the purchase of your new home. This warranty is intended to protect you from paying for issues arising from faulty construction, defective materials, and improper installations. Having your home inspected after the 11th month and before the end of your 12th month of ownership gives you the greatest chance of discovering most issues and presenting them to your builder.

This type of inspection is a full look at your home from top to bottom and everything in between. Things like uneven building settlement, foundation cracks, improperly installed roofing, plumbing leaks, defective appliances, missing insulation, poor quality painting and trim work and more are all common deficiencies found during 11-month warranty inspections.

We'll help you maximize the value of your builder’s warranty

Skipping this inspection could prove costly.

You might be thinking “This is a new home. What could possibly be wrong with it?” The reality of not having this inspection done can cost you a lot of money in future repairs, even if you had your new home inspected before you purchased it. Foundation issues, roof leaks, missing insulation, and plumbing failures regularly occur in the first year of a house’s life and can all lead to extensive damages requiring costly repairs; issues that could all have been prevented with early intervention and resolution by your builder.

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